Each year we sit down toward the end of March to give you an update on the season, it’s always positive because in reality this is Alta and our job is to ski and talk about skiing. It’s a pretty positive subject matter, but in seasons like this one it’s actually hard to put into words just how amazing it is.

Somehow each month has been better than the last. Seriously. We did a quick count of snowfall totals and found the following:

November: 63.5”

December: 72.5”

January: 103.5”

February: 131”

March: 124.5” (to date)

We dug a little deeper and counted 12 days with snowfall of a foot or more and six days with snowfall of 20” or more. We’re at 526” or nearly 44 FEET of snow to date with three weeks left.

To make this season even sweeter, we’ve had Brand Ambassador Alex Mager on board documenting the snowfall, guest experiences, and lodge happenings on a daily basis, which means even if you haven’t made it out this season, you’ve been able to live vicariously through those that have. If you’ve missed our updates, head on over to our Instagram @gmdlodge for a week to week look at what we’ve been up to this season.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Thanks to Brand Ambassador, Alex Mager and friends for showing how good the skiing is this season.

It’s not over yet! In fact, there’s slightly less than one month of daily skiing and riding left and a base hovering around 150”, which means these last few weeks will not disappoint, and, as they say, “April showers bring May flowers”. While it may be a while before we see flowers in Alta, we’ll settle for a few days of powder laps followed by beers on the patio, stunning sunsets and reliving our days on the hill.

It’s not too late. Will we see you this spring? 

63" of snow November 2018, Alta, UT
November 2018

72.5" of snow, Alta, UT December 2019
December 2018
103.5" of snow January 2019 Alta, UT
January 2019
131" of snow, Alta, UT February 2019
February 2019
124.5" of snow, Alta, UT March 2019
March 2019