I’m going to tell you a little secret, but here’s the thing…you can’t tell anyone it came from us. It is top-secret stuff. I’m about to tell you all the reasons we ski mid-week.

Intimacy. Skiing is such an intimate experience. It’s you, the snow, the mountains, the vista and perhaps a few ski buddies. In order to truly enjoy the experience, you need a bit of solitude. Think about it. Anytime you are convening with nature it is usually better when it is less crowded.

Access. Pow days are about picking your line and charging it. Crowded pow days are about choosing your line and making sure you stay collision free.

Variety. Across the board, mid-week you have the opportunity to choose when to have lunch, where to lunch, when to have dinner, where to ski, which lifts to hit. It’s really all about you. You are encouraged to linger and relax the entire day as there is no one waiting for your table.


Entertainment. The Goldminer’s Saloon hosts entertainment almost every Tuesday night. From Open Mic Nights to local musicians the atmosphere is primed for après fun.

Skiing with Jenn Did you know Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge owner Jenn Life goes out with GMD guests most Tuesdays? Jenn’s been skiing Alta since 1990, and each Tuesday she shared a few of her best secrets with guests at the Lodge. Meet in the Lobby at 10 a.m. to join.

Savings. Alta Ski Area manages pricing based on demand, and that means it is cheaper to ski mid-week many weeks throughout the season. Don’t take our word for it check it out  for yourself.

Next time you are considering a ski vacation consider making sure you get a few mid-week days in your trip. We think you may find a thing or two you might happen to love too.