Last year, we posted a series of blog posts introducing Utah, Alta, and Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge to potential first-time visitors. This year, we’d like to further that idea and share why Alta, Utah is the perfect choice for a ski vacation for both first time and longtime visitors.


Proximity – Many states boast a number of ski resorts, but in Utah, the majority of Utah ski resorts are within two hours from one another. With the addition of the Ikon Pass to the marketplace, skiing in Utah just became even more iconic as pass holders are able to ski at Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton, and Deer Valley. Of course, we’re partial to Little Cottonwood Canyon, but options are options.


Altitude – Alta’s summit elevation is at 10,550 feet above sea level. The Lodge sits at 8,530 feet above sea level. While this is likely still a bit higher than where you’re coming from, those few thousand feet make a difference (in a good way).


The Greatest Snow on Earth – You’ve probably heard Utah’s claim to fame that we have the greatest snow on Earth. You may not have known that it’s actually scientifically proven. I won’t go into the details, but it has to do with the Great Salt Lake and how the lake pulls moisture from the snow producing the lightest, fluffy Utah powder we know and love. You can learn more about the Science of Our Snow here (link to blog post0.


But, most importantly, it’s about connecting with friends and family or other like-minded skiers.  Alta offers fewer distractions than other ski destinations; it indeed is about the skiing, and after the skiing, it’s about reconnecting with yourself, your travel companions, or connecting with new friends. You are encouraged to relax and celebrate your accomplishments from the day, or just be. Yes, we have wifi and cell service, but we don’t have hundreds of restaurants to choose from, or alpine coasters and zip lines to wrangle the kids on. We like to think of a visit to Alta as an opportunity to slow down just a little and cherish moments comfortably however you want while we take care of the cooking and cleaning.


A vacation to Alta is like nowhere else on Earth. Many people comment how things have stayed somewhat the same in the last 40 years, and how they treasure the opportunity to enjoy simple moments.  What do you love about Alta, Utah?