You might say one of the best parts of a ski vacation is getting to know the locals. As a skier, even a skier who only skis one week a year, there is always that ‘what if’ thought in the back on your mind while buckling your boots, stepping into your skis, and riding chairlifts. What if this was your every day, what if you wore your ski boots more than your slippers and spent your free time lapping Collins?  Talking with and getting to know Alta locals helps you to imagine how exactly it might look and feel.

Tarika Benson first visited Alta at 12 years old. After growing up skiing in Australia, a trip to Alta was life changing for Tarika. She felt the ‘Alta Magic’ even at that young age. At age 18, she decided to answer the ‘what if’ and spend a season working at Goldminer’s as a breakfast line cook. 

Her first week was a little scary. Not only was she was a long way from home and still very young, but she hadn’t skied in three years and wasn’t sure if she could ski, or more specifically, ski Alta. The Alta community stepped up and quickly helped Tarika feel right at home. She notes, “you’ll meet some of the best skiers in the world at Alta, and they’ll be the first to welcome you into their world, show you around, and build your confidence.”

Tarika describes her early encounters with longtime Alta locals, “If you are keen to ski. It doesn’t matter what level you are. Everyone is excited to show you around and excited that you want to ski. They are excited for you. They’ll ski with you at your level. You’ll find genuine people who love the mountain and love to share it with you.” She explains the culture is passed on each year, and during her subsequent years working at the GMD she looked forward to helping first-year employees feel welcome.

Tarika loves the home feeling and sense of community she felt while living in Alta and working for Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge.  It’s something she has yet to duplicate in her travels. Living and working with your co-workers creates an instant community – a community where everyone has the obvious love of skiing, where everyone is there for the same reasons and on the same wavelength.

Like many of you, Tarika realized that one season wouldn’t be enough, so she did what any creative, young skier would do and alternated university with visits to Alta as both an employee of the Lodge and a visitor. After graduating Uni in July, she knew she had to work one more season with us, although she had to depart early to begin her career working in marketing in Australia. As she begins her career, she’s not sure if her time in Alta is quite over. It’s a hard thing to let go of. Something tells me we’ll see more of Miss Benson.

Our employees come from all walks of life and are typically all answering that ‘what if.’ What about you…what if you spent a season working with us? We’ll leave the link to our jobs page here, just in case.