The beginning of a new ski season brings with it many reasons for excitement. Obviously, the anticipation of skiing is at the top of the list, but also, at the top of the list is the enthusiasm of welcoming our seasonal employees. We work year-round on employee recruitment. Our guests have told us year after how important the employees are to their experiences at the Lodge. We understand that our people are our #1 asset, which is saying a lot considering we are steps from the greatest skiing in the world.

This year, we have a new HR manager, Charlie, who we introduced to you a few months ago. Charlie’s first few months on the job were critical as he was tasked with hiring employees for the season. We think he’s done a great job. We hope you do too!

Seasonal employees have been arriving at the Lodge for nearly a month now. They have perfected their skills with our early season guests, and now it is “go time” as holiday guests arrive at the Lodge. We wanted to introduce you to a few of the faces you’ll see this season at the Lodge.


Justin M

Top of the Lodge Restaurant
Justin M comes from Schaghticoke, New York, which is a small town in Eastern New York of about 8,000 people. This year is his first year at the Lodge where he is working as a server in the Top of the Lodge Restaurant. Before arriving in Alta, Justin was a safety boater in the Adirondacks.

Marcia Walden

Slopeside Café

Marcia Walden is a new employee from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is working as a barista / café cashier in the Cafe. Marcia is working on her life goal of traveling the world and trying every type of restaurant before she hits 40! Stop by and give Marcia tips on your favorite restaurants across the world.


Goldminer's Daughter Bartender

Goldminer’s Saloon

Tim D from Aurora, Illinois is a bartender and CEO of Pizza (serious title). This is his 4th year at the Lodge, so you better believe he knows his pizza. Even better, Doc has a degree in engineering. After a few years in the field, he saw the light and found himself in Alta. He sees himself here for the long term. His time in Alta has been filled with searching for the perfect ski boot and rescuing skis from the dumpster and restoring them to their former glory. Any boot recommendations for Doc? Let him know next time you order a beer.


Goldminer's Daughter Lodge Front Desk Employee

Front Desk
Mike R is from Saratoga Springs, New York and may be one of the first friendly faces you see upon arrival at the Lodge. On a ski vacation to Alta last year, he decided then and there he needed to live and work here. Lucky for us he landed at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge. He also plays the cello, which you may be lucky enough to hear during Open Mic Night in the Saloon.

These four are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to seasonal employees at the Lodge. We couldn’t do it without their dedication and hard work every single day.