Could it be? A career in the ski industry? Jonathan shares some of the benefits of living the dream!

I’ve worked here for 20 years, which is basically half my life.  This was supposed to be a little break after college before I got a “real” job!  Wait, I have health insurance, a 401K, year-round employment and a good, steady paycheck.

  • I have a ski resort as my front yard (and quite a decent one at that, perhaps you’ve heard of it, er Alta).
  • My employers buy me a ski pass each year.  Yes, I said buy me a ski pass, in fact, I can ski at least a few hours every day in the winter if I feel like it.
  • “Employers” sounds too formal; after 20 years they are my family and Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge  is my house.

Yes, my “family” gives me an apartment IN THE LODGE to sweeten the deal.  I guess you could say I work from home.

Work? Real Job? No way! My winter “work” day consists of coming down to my living room, er… hotel lobby and welcoming friends to my house, to come play in my front yard, the ski resort remember?  Old friends come back year after year and new friends are made every day. You may have guessed it; yes, these are our hotel guests. They are all friends while they are here, and many of them have become part of my extended family over the years.

Once winter gives way to spring, the snow melts and skis are replaced with the mountain bike.  I stay in touch with my friends (and extended family), talk to them on the phone, and get excited for their return in the winter.  One year turns into 20. Is it time to find a “real” job? No way, this is as real as it gets for me!

Is this a ski industry career? More like a dream come true!  Learn more about employment at Goldminer’s Daughter.


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