The Ski Season Starts TOMORROW.

Do you remember that feeling you had before your first day of school?  Would your friends be the same? Would your teachers “get” you? And, since kids will be kids, would you have the right outfit, hairstyle and lingo?  Equal parts jitters combined with excitement; a feeling we now know as anticipation. As we grow older we learn more about what matters on the first day of school, work or a new experience, but the anticipation remains. For us, the day before the ski season is one of the most anticipated days of the year. Tonight, as we tuck ourselves into bed, we’ll be asking ourselves: will our friends be the same, will the new people like us and if you will enjoy all the work we’ve done over the summer.  Yet, as adults we know the answers: yes, our friends will always remain the same, and our new guests will quickly become friends as you all once did.

At this point, you’re already acquainted with our new website and our new “look.” And, as we’ve promised time and time again, the Goldminer’s you’ve come to love will always remain at the root of who we are, but it’s ok to make some changes, some improvements from time to time.  We are very proud of the work we’ve done the last few months. Expect to find updated East Wing rooms home to new carpet, new paint and an overall freshening up. You’ll also notice some updates to the dining room and café. For those of you eagerly anticipating images of these changes, they are coming soon.

Whenever you join us for your first day we look forward to welcoming you through the doors.  We encourage you to begin conditioning for the season now and don’t forget to properly prepare before your first day on the slopes.

Whether you are a full figured lady or model thin
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