Hotels worldwide have special programs allowing hotel guests to become better acquainted with top hotel management. After reading about a few such programs, we thought why not introduce a Ski with Goldminer’s Daughter program led by owner Jenn Life. You see it is really a win-win for everyone. Jenn gets “an excuse” to spend more time on the mountain and to spend more time with you, while you get to spend time with Jenn and see how she skis Alta. Now, we’re not promising to share secret, hidden, ultra awesome ski terrain with you. In fact, it will be much more casual than that, and you may end up sharing your super secret spots with the group (and we promise to keep your secrets).

We invite you and the family to join Jenn for skiing Tuesday mornings this season. We’ll meet in the Goldminer’s Daughter lobby at 10 a.m. and take off from there. Please arrive ready to ski with your lift tickets and boots ready!

We look forward to spending a little special time on the mountain with our guests this season. Sure do hope you’ll join us!

The first Ski with Jenn will be held Tuesday, December 9. Ski days will continue throughout the season with a Tuesday here and there cancelled due to other obligations.

Jenn Life Goldminer's Daughter Lodge Owner Skiin

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