As the season comes to a close, we like take a look back at what made this season great from both the perspective of our employees and our guests. Sure there are powder days and goggle tans to remember, which we do fondly, but what about the community, the unique feeling you can’t help but feel the moment you arrive at Goldminer’s Daughter. We were looking for those moments that are hard to explain…

We asked our employees, what the best thing about working for Goldminer’s Daughter was. Below are a few of the responses we received.

  • “Close-knit community vibe makes GMD extra special.”
  • “Great location and happy guests!”
  • “I got to see all my friends again and make new ones.”
  • “The incredible quality of character of my peers. The accommodating and understanding nature of the management. The amenities provided to us. The creativity afforded in the kitchen. The ability to mix with the guests. The focus on hospitality and skiing over pretentious amenities. The honest, genuine warmth of the place and everyone in it.”

GMD Employees on Snow

And, as you know, we ask our guests, after every visit, how their stay was and what we can do to improve. As a group, our management team reviews each and every response and makes decisions based on the feedback we receive from you. You can read more about the process and the decisions / outcomes of that process here. For now, we are looking back at the positive responses and cherishing the good times. Below are a few of the responses we pulled from our surveys this year.

  • The perfect fit of convenience, amenities, nice dining room, mellow atmosphere, and services for our “boys’ trip” to Alta!
  • Like I said….Skier Paradise!!
  • The GMD is comparable to the best hotels I have stayed in all over the world, and GMD’s unique location makes it my favorite hotel in the world.
  • Glad you’ve kept the same culture over the years and various owners.
  • Your staff is extremely, accommodating, and energetic. Nice group of people that made the stay perfect. Shuttle rides were quick and really helpful.
  • Very, very happy with our GMD stay. We will be back.

As we prepare to close the doors for the summer and begin to think about next year we’d like to thank each and every one of you, our guests, our employees, the day skiers, Alta Ski Area and the town of Alta for making the 2013-14 season one to remember.

What are your favorite memories of the 2013-14 winter?

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