Our guests are the reason we thrive, and the reason we love our jobs. We cherish the opportunity to share our passion with our visitors and hope that they also experience the magic of Alta.

Sam Bell is one of these guests. He can’t recall exactly how long he has been coming to Alta, but it has been a pretty long time. Originally, Sam and friends would ski Snowbird and stay at the Cliff Lodge. One day a friend staying in Alta invited Sam to ski Alta for the day. Having never experienced such wonderful terrain and snow experience, he fell in love that day.

And for us, we are so grateful that Sam wound up at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge all those years ago. He actually had reservations at another lodge, but they were unable to accommodate his dietary needs. Fortunately, we were able to accommodate him, and he has never regretted it for a second.

His goal for every trip, the entire trip, is to make one perfect turn. Sam explains that the feeling is a very zen, meditative sensation. Sam trains and exercises year-round so he can ski for seven straight days from bell to bell, making one perfect turn over and over. It doesn’t matter if the last turn is perfect or not, it’s all about the current turn and finding that satisfaction in the moment.

Alta Alpenglow

What sets Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge apart? The People.

“You never feel like you are being taken for granted.” Sam explains that he’s treated like an individual and truly welcomed. Over the years, he has become friends with the staff and they often like to ski together.

Staff members are truly wonderful. If you need something or have a question about anything, all you have to do is ask and they are more than happy to help you. It seems the staff is in Alta to have a good time, which shines through and you can’t have anything but a good time yourself.

The food is great, particularly when they serve beets. Beets increase your aerobic capacity by as much as 17%, which makes you “Superman”. There is enough variation in the meals for you to keep discovering new favorites.

Sam Bell _ NisaSam has formed lifelong friendships at the Lodge through the dorm rooms and community table at dinner. He usually come out the week between Christmas and the New Year. Sam enjoys being at the lodge during Christmas and seeing the children opening presents in footie pajamas under the tree.


The location of the lodge is extremely convenient; guests are able to ski out right to the base of the Collins lift or, another 15-20 yards to the base of the Wildcat lift. On the Wildcat lift you can lap the chair all-day and never see your tracks (or anyone else’s).