To Pete and the Powder hounds, the Annual Alta Trip is Returning Home.

Peter Herman wasn’t a lifelong skier; in fact he didn’t start skiing until he attended Dental School in Buffalo, New York. Early in his marriage, his wife decided they were going to be a skiing family, and so a skiing family was born. Although, it was more than a skiing family that was born, it was a skiing tradition that was born.

Peter quickly realized the best way to get good at skiing was to ski with those better than him. He and a friend found a group of skiers in Schenectady, New York. The guys took a ski trip out West each year. These were the guys that introduced Pete to Utah, and we couldn’t be happier.

Pete’s first experience in Utah was based at the Cliff Lodge in the 80s. The group travelled to several different ski areas. While Pete didn’t give us the details, there were some issues. Let’s just say the lodging experience took a downhill turn and the group leader gave up on Utah (gasp!). Fortunately, Pete and his friend decided they couldn’t give up. They knew there had to be a better way. Alas, a beautiful relationship was soon to begin.

Goldminer’s Daughter was one of the lodges that could hold the group, and to this day they’ve never looked back and have been visiting each year since the late 80s.

Pete’s Powder hounds have included up to 22-23 guys (a few wives occasionally join) mostly from the NY tri-city area that includes Albany, Troy and Schenectady. The group, well, they like to ski. The socializing is second to the skiing.

As always, we asked Pete why Alta and why Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge? (this is our favorite part of the interview.)

  • It’s just so perfect.
  • Right in the middle of beauty.
  • Where else can you sit and have breakfast and look at a world famous ski run?

To Pete and the powder hounds, the annual Goldminer’s Daughter trip is like going home. It’s an annual reunion with longtime friends.

We’d like to thank Pete for all of the work he puts in each year to round up the powder hounds. We’ll see you guys in March.