Time and time again, we’ve shared the story of Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge guests and shared their Alta and Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge story. We are starting to notice a pattern.

I often ask our guests if there is another Lodge they’ve come across in their travels that compares to GMD. I often wonder if perhaps our visitors never meet a stranger? Maybe they feel at home wherever they go? Interestingly enough, they always say no. Maybe there is no place like Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge.

When asked this question directly, the guest has a hard time putting their finger on exactly what it is that sets the Lodge apart. Yes, the staff is friendly, the rooms are clean, and the food is delicious, but don’t we expect those things? Of course we do, that’s why it’s called the hospitality industry.

I recently spent a few moments with Ralph, a long time lodge guest. Ralph was quick to point out that he didn’t have much of a story. That he had been visiting the Lodge for a long time. “It’s great”, he stated, “everything they do is great, the rooms, the service, the food.” It’s hard to argue with that, but I pressed for more. “Why is great? They bend over backwards if you need help.” I continued to wonder aloud why this experience is just so great.

Ralph helped me realize it’s the owners. They not only expect it, but they also commit to the work themselves. As an employee seeing Ross and Jenn going the extra mile hoping to make the difference, encourages you to do the same. He also commented on the difference Jonathan makes. As we’ve heard before, Jonathan is the best asset Goldminer’s could possibly have. He always makes sure everybody is taken care of and his staff is wonderful, year after year.

Ralph has been skiing Alta for 30 years. He just turned 80. It doesn’t sound like he’s slowing down, he now gets to ski for free. Originally he stayed in Downtown Salt Lake City, and then moved to a different Alta hotel. Eventually, he tired of walking to the other lodge and tried Goldminer’s Daughter. He hasn’t looked back.

“It’s the snow” he tells us when asked why Alta each year for 30 years. “There is a lot of it, and it is always good.” Not having snowboarders is an added bonus. Ralph comes to the Lodge once a year and travels by himself. He doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Why would he? With Alta and Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge he has the perfect vacation spot.

Do you have your perfect vacation spot?