There's Gold in Them Hills

Before skiing there was mining, although it was actually silver not gold that was mined in these parts. I guess our hills have been home to embellished stories for quite some time.

The Town of Alta was officially incorporated in 1970, yet the area enjoyed it's first boom nearly 100 years earlier. In the early days, the area near Goldminer's Daughter served as the town's Main Street and was home to nearly to 200 buildings of which almost 30 were reportedly saloons. By the late 1920's the silver boom was over and the Town of Alta was suffering from the onset of the depression. In 1937, 1800 acres were allocated for the development of a ski area and in 1938 the first Collins lift was constructed. The 2010 census identified 383 Alta residents, but of course that number swells each winter from November to April as we welcome skiers to our town.

Historic Photos of Alta