Merry Christmas from Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge

Christmas Eve at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge includes preparing for our Christmas Eve buffet and Santa’s arrival as well as a few traditional Christmas Eve runs. We spent some time chatting with a few of our employees to learn more about their Christmas memories and Christmas wishes for 2013. Most of their Christmas wishes involve a very snowy 2014, and of course we couldn’t agree more. Santa, if you have room for one more request, the employees and guests at Goldminer’s Daughter are for sure at the top of the nice list. If you have any pull with our friends Mother Nature or Old Man Winter, we’d love if you could put in a word or two for us?!?

Here is more from Lodge Employees:

Name: Liz Page
Hometown: Jefffersonville, VT
Best Christmas Memory: One Christmas my dad bought toboggans for the entire extended family. Every White Christmas, we would have great sledding parties on the hill near my Grandmother’s house.
2013 Christmas Wish: A White Christmas, of course.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT / Park City
Best Christmas Memory: I don’t know if it is the “best” memory, but it is a good one! Hitting the trifecta last Christmas and skiing three resorts in one day.
2013 Christmas Wish: Big Snow Year!

Name: Ryan Ashby
Hometown: Alta, UT
Best Christmas Memory: Christmas Eve hikes and holiday music throughout the lodge.
2013 Christmas Wish: Continuous snow for the rest of the season.

Name: Mike McCaffrey, Executive Chef
Hometown: Freehold
Best Christmas Memory: Fishing in the keys
2013 Christmas Wish: Snow

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a snowy New Year.

Merry Christmas - GMD


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