Join the Goldminer’s Saloon Mug Club

We are incredibly excited to announce the inaugural Goldminer’s Saloon Mug Club! This incredibly exclusive club is going to be the talk of the town.

The Mug Club’s $30 membership fee includes a commemorative mug and one beverage of your choice. Mug club members receive employee pricing on food in the saloon through the end of the season. We’ll hold on to the mug and have it ready for your next visit. Must be purchased in the saloon. Extremely limited quantity.

How to know if you are a prime candidate for the Mug Club –

  • Is the Goldminer’s Saloon your happy place?
  • Do you consider the Saloon your living room?
  • Do you love to belong?
  • Do you really want employee pricing on food?
  • Do you want to be included in whatever other club benefits we may dream up?
  • Do you envision years from now serving your guests in commemorative Goldminer’s Daughter mugs collected over years and years of club membership?
  • Do you move fast? Membership opportunities for the inaugural club are severely limited. Don’t be left out!

To join stop by the Goldminer’s Saloon today. It is Friday after all.