We’re 30 days away from opening day at Alta Ski Area. Yes, 30 days. Are you as excited as we are? More importantly, are you ready? Don’t worry; we have some tips to make the most of these last 30 days.gmd-fall-with-snow

While we’ll be skiing the “Greatest Snow on Earth” at the end of this countdown, you can use these tips to prepare before your ski trip at any point this season.

Week One

If you haven’t already made your reservations for the winter what are you waiting for? Book your reservations to stay at the world’s best ski-in, ski-out lodge TODAY. This one can’t wait regardless of when you are planning your Alta escape. Once you’ve booked your lodging, flights, ground transportation, and pet sitter, dust off your ski gear.

It’s great time to take inventory and try on your gear, especially your ski pants. You still have time for a quick diet, fitness program, or a shopping trip if they are a bit tighter (or looser) this year. Put together a shopping list to make sure you have all your gear needs covered from head to toe – jacket, boots, poles, hand warmers, ski socks, glove liners, hat, googles, helmet, headband, turtle, lip balm and gloves. What other mandatories do you include on your gear list?

Week Two

Tune up your gear. There is no such thing as waxing your skis too much. The beginning of the season is the best time to start. You’ll want them to glide and turn easily when you hit the slopes to make the most of it. It’s a good idea to wax often and tune up at least every 6 – 8 days this winter.

It’s not a bad idea to tune up your legs too, even if the ski pants still fit. A few leg squats, step-ups, or hamstring curls each day can help you avoid unnecessary aches and pains. Skiing is a sport that calls on leg muscles you don’t normally use every day.

Week Three

Have you set new goals for this season? Check out the trail map and chart the new to you territory you would like to ski this season. Plan to start with a few runs that you already know well to get your confidence up. Want to advance quickly? Consider adding a ski lesson to your agenda. The Alf Engen Ski School at Alta offers lessons for every level skier from beginner to expert. Once you’ve mapped out your plan, purchase your lift tickets.

Week Four

Get the suitcase ready and load it up. Don’t forget the camera and sunscreen. Before you know it you’ll be in Alta enjoying the snow, views and making memories to last a lifetime.

The ski season will be here before we know it. How will you make the most of the 2016-17 season?