We never tire of sharing our guests’ stories. At Goldminer’s, repeat guests quickly become like family, and we find that new visitors often return. Over the years, we have had the chance to form special relationships with several of our longtime repeat visitors, and we are excited to feature these guests on our blog and introduce them to our readers.

If you are interested in being featured, please let us know!

Our dear friend William Turner began his romance with skiing in Big Sky, Montana, where a friend’s father had a condo. Although the skiing was great, the location was less than ideal a difficult trek from his home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Inspired by his experience but hoping to find a location that offered easier access, William began to research other possible locations for a ski vacation, and ultimately decided on Alta. This is when he found Goldminer’s Daughter.  One trip and he was sold for life.

Eight years later, William and his friends continue to make the annual voyage to GMD in pursuit of perfect powder. Originating with a group of 5-10 passionate skiers, the group has now evolved to include upwards of 40 gentlemen. William finds that many resorts across the country are practically identical to one another, but Goldminer’s Daughter is distinctive. The grassroots experience is comforting and convenient, allowing guests to enjoy each other without distractions. He shares, “the meals and guest service are incredible”, appreciating the ability to stay in one place and having all that is needed. “Everything is fully contained. You don’t need to worry about your shoes… once you put on your skis, you won’t need your shoes again until you leave for the airport.”

F3 Group Photo

His photos hang on the wall in the hallway, reminding him of trips past. Over the years, the group has stretched and grown and now includes people from all over the world. The experience has been so exciting that each friend returns the following year with a new recruit, calling it the “F3 Effect”. F3 stands for “Fitness, Friendship and Faith”. Originating in Charlotte, the group of men focuses on physical fitness with an emphasis on public service.   Growing at a rapid pace, the fellowship and camaraderie of their organization is infectious, and they look forward to a forthcoming trip of 50 men, give or take, at Alta this season. A dream of William’s is skiing Baldy Chutes, yet for some reason Baldy Chutes have always been closed during the F3 trip.  Alta always under-reports the snowfall, perhaps with the intention of keeping their impressive mountain blissfully underrated. Maybe this season will be the year his dream of Baldy Chutes comes true.

Here at GMD, our hearts swell when we learn that the experience had by our guests is so compelling, and we look forward to seeing our return guests (and cherished friends) each season. Welcome back, William!

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