The GMD is pleased to announce that we’ve hired a new Executive Chef this season. His name’s Chef Nate Nagy, and if you’re from the Boston area or if you’ve eaten at a few of the other restaurants in Alta, then you’ve probably sampled his work. Now, if you plan on staying with us this season, you too will be able to enjoy his meals on a nightly basis.

Chef Nate has over twenty years of restaurant experience. Originally from Andover, New Hampshire, he attended the New England Culinary Institute. He then honed his knife skills and culinary chops at various restaurants throughout the Boston area. First working as a Sous Chef for the Olive Group, a well-known fine-dining restaurant group started by Chef Todd English. Then at Neptune Oyster, another famous establishment in Boston, as the Executive Chef and the Front-of-House Manager, where he expanded his knowledge with wines and seafood.

“I really enjoyed cooking at home as a youngster,” he says upon being asked what drew him into the culinary world, “but it wasn’t until around age 19 that I started working at a restaurant and discovered I really enjoyed the artistic expression involved with creating dishes and the rush of working a busy service.”

Starting in 2012 Chef Nate worked at the Snowpine Lodge, both as the Executive Chef and as a Food and Beverage Director, where he helped to open Swen’s Restaurant and the Gulch Pub after the lodge’s major renovation. Last year he spent his winter at the Shallow Shaft Restaurant as their Executive Chef.

Not only is Chef Nate a talented cook, he also happens to be an avid and experienced skier. He grew up skiing the East and had been coming to Utah on ski vacations for ten seasons straight before making the move in 2012.

Having worked at independently-owned restaurants and in the hospitality industry, Chef Nate is well aware of the unique challenges of serving guests who stay at a certain place for an extended period of time.

“The major difference is that at an independently-run restaurant my clientele changes every night so I’m able run the same specials consecutive nights in a row. Whereas at a lodge I might have a party staying for a week or two so I’ve got to change it up every night to keep things fresh and interesting.”

When asked of his future plans for the GMD, he says: “To keep our clientele by serving consistently delicious and creative dishes that will keep them coming back for more and be a factor in where they choose to stay when coming to Alta.”

With the help of our two returning Lead Line Supervisors, William Charpentier and Zachary Zoss, and the addition of Chef Nate, we’re excited about the changes taking place in our restaurant this year.