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Dear Guests,

If you’re curious about what measures we’ll be taking to help keep you and our staff safe during this 2021-2022 Winter Season, here’s an outline of what we’ll be doing at the GMD. Many of these protocols are carried over from the previous season during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • We’ll be limiting our total house count to around 80% of capacity in hopes that we can manage our dining room in the safest way possible.
  • Like most lodges in Alta, the GMD will not be requiring proof of vaccination from our guests. This decision was made in accordance with the Utah Department of Health guidelines. If the state of Utah experiences another resurgence in Covid-19 numbers during the season, our management team will revisit this policy.
  • The lodge will be restricted to in-house guests only. The door leading from the café into the lobby will still require a pass code, which will be provided to our guests upon check-in.
  • The saloon will be closed to the general public until 6pm, after which lodge employees will be permitted inside.  Après will be served in the saloon again. Guests are welcome to invite their friends to join them in the saloon.  
  • The hot tub will be open this season. There will be no reservations required for the gym or the rec room.
  • A Grab & Go option will be offered for those guests who still don’t feel comfortable dining in our public areas. Guests will still need a dinner reservation in order to pick up their meals.
  • The Breakfast buffet will be reinstated this season. If guests would like to eat in their rooms, a breakfast reservation is required and Grab & Go containers will be available at the buffet line.

As for our housekeeping department, our staff will continue to follow a detailed checklist when cleaning every room.

  • They will treat the rooms with a sanitizer using an electrostatic sprayer, carefully coating all furniture, bedding, light switches, countertops, amenity dispensers, and other high-touch surfaces. Afterwards the door will be sealed with a sticker over the door.

Below is a video of the Gold Standard our Housekeeping staff adheres to when cleaning your room: