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As always, our goals will continue to focus around the comfort and safety of our guests. In order to meet the demands of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are implementing some new health and safety standards for the protection of both our guests and staff members.

These are some of the changes you’ll be seeing across the different departments:

Front Desk

  • limiting house count to a manageable number
  • installing Plexi-glass barriers where needed
  • restricting lobby access to inhouse guests only
  • offering pre-booked late check-outs when available 
  • contactless payment options


  • Room cleanliness and sanitation is of the utmost importance here at the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge. The following cleaning schedule will be implemented after each checkout:
    • Enter room and open window to initiate fresh airflow. Window will remain open until guest arrives
    • Remove all linens, towels and blankets to wash in our commercial grade washing facility
    • Dust and wipe down all headboards, lighting fixtures, tables, chairs and closet shelving
    • Clean and sanitize the entire bathroom area including, toilet, shower and tub, faucets, sink, vanity, mirror, floor and shelving (if applicable) We will use industry approved sanitizers
    • Vacuum entire room
    • Upon completion of vacuum we will replace all linens, towels and blankets. We will make the bed using the traditional Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge method (hospital corners)
    • All amenities will be restocked or refilled
    • Toilet paper and tissue detail presentation will be applied
    • Remote control will be wrapped in plastic for further protection
    • We will then treat the room with a sanitizer using an electrostatic sprayer, carefully coating all furniture, bedding, light switches, countertops, amenity dispensers and other high-touch surfaces
    • After waiting the appropriate period for the sanitizer to complete process, we will place a sticker over the door frame and door to be broken by the guest upon entry. This sticker assures that the room is sanitized and ready for guest arrival
  • Other Housekeeping changes to note:
    • no stay-over services. fresh towels and sheets and amenities will be provided upon request
    • use of state-approved cleaning products ONLY
    • We will remove extra pillows, blankets, and bedspreads and supplying them on demand
    • Detailed daily cleanings of common areas, including elevators, stairwells, and public restrooms

Dining Room

  • eliminating our breakfast buffet and providing made-to-order options
  • spacing out our tables six feet from each other
  • offering room service with limited menu for guests who don’t feel comfortable eating in dining room


  • indoor cafeteria will be available to in-house guests only. day skiers can purchase food and beverages from Slopeside Joe’s window and sit outside on the patio
  • public restrooms will be closed and available to in-house guests and paying customers only
  • no public gatherings inside cafeteria during Interlodge or road closures

Season Locker Room (Season Locker Holders only)

  • we ask that our locker holders quickly access their space and then leave the locker room
  • access will be via a door code on the east patio entrance
  • locker room hours are 7am-6pm
  • the café and season locker room will not have any access for road closure/interlodge mornings
  • bathrooms are only available to paying café customers and season locker holders
  • appropriate masks/face-coverings are required at all times inside the GMD
  • a fan has been installed in each locker room to increase air movement and circulation
  • season locker payments are due by December 1, no exceptions

As for some other changes we’ll be instituting this 2021 Season, here are a list of newly-developed protocols:

  • Masks will be required in all public spaces, except while seated and eating or drinking in a restaurant.
  • The Saloon will be closed to the outside public. Lodge guests ONLY will be able to use it throughout the day and may order café food (including Trainer’s pizza!) from the saloon bartenders. Capacity will be limited and reservations are required. Après will be served in the Saloon instead of the Top of the Lodge Dining Room and tables will be set along the windows during dining hours for guest use. 
  • Access to public restrooms will be restricted to season-locker holders and cafeteria guests.
  • A locking door will be installed leading into the cafeteria and lodge guests will be given a code to enter and exit the main building. 
  • Our game room will be limited to 2 groups of 4 or fewer, or one group of 5+ and will be available at 50-minute time slots. Guests will have the opportunity to reserve on a daily basis. We ask that the group using the space do their part and sanitize the areas used.
  • The fitness room will be limited to 1 group or family at a time, or no more than 2 individuals at a time. Guests can reserve any time during their stay. Equipment will be spaced at least 6 feet apart where possible.

Although we’ll be providing extra masks and hand sanitizers, we encourage our guests to bring their own PPE. We also request that our guests wear masks when in public areas and to maintain their physical distance from other people, especially when using the elevators, recreation room, and our shuttle service. 

Please continue checking for any updates or call us if you have any questions.