If you’re a regular guest at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge you may have heard of the Community Table. However, if you haven’t heard, are unsure of how it works or what it is then you’re in luck… we are going to tell you all about it!

As you know, one of the most important things that sets Goldminer’s Daughter apart from other lodges is our ongoing mission and success of creating a “community” atmosphere. This vibe is something we pride ourselves on and want our guests, employees and anyone who wanders into our lodge to feel immediately. The moment you begin to consider to book a stay at Goldminer’s we strive to make you a part of our community.

This mission led us to the idea of starting the Community Table. The Table’s purpose is to seat guests during dinner service who wish to dine with other guests.  We have a healthy mix of new and returning visitors each year and felt it would be a great way for our guests to meet new and old acquaintances. Many of our returners request their dinner reservation be at the Community Table. Many tell us it’s a highlight of their stay because they get a chance to meet and share stories with others who love this lodge and the skiing here at Alta. Some tell us how they have even formed life-long friendships!

Goldminers Daughter Community Table FriendsThe next time you stay with us we invite you to get to know your fellow guests by booking your dinner reservation with our Community Table. Take it from us it’s a great time and a great group to swap stories with!

If you’re interested stop by the Front Desk to make your day of reservations.

See you soon!!