Dear Beloved Oldminer,

As we look back at the moments shared over our inaugural Oldminers Weekend, we can’t help but smile and laugh at all the good times. Ross and I feel so honored that you were able to share such a special weekend with us.

It was so great to see old friends and meet new people we never worked with. We loved hearing all of your stories; wow that group from the 70’s sure is fun.

As I was talking with some of you and watching everyone connect it occurred to me that although the group represented several different generations of Goldminer’s Alumnus we all share a common bond, a thread that runs through all of us even though we may have never met until this weekend. Once a Goldminer; always an Oldminer! The experience leaves a lasting impression on each of us. It was such a pleasure for Ross and I to see all of you come together, connect, reminisce and make new Goldminer’s memories.

We encourage you to connect with us on social media. We’ll be posting photos of the weekend in the coming weeks. Please tag yourself and feel free to share with your friends and family if you wish to do so. We’d love to hear your favorite moments from the weekend or any suggestions you have on how we can make the event even better.

Thanks to all that came, and to those that didn’t make it we missed you and hope to see you next year or the year after. Oldminers will now be an annual event.

Thanks, Jenn and Ross

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