Love at First Sight

We’ve been sharing stories from Lodge guests for the last several years, and it is quotes like this that reinforce the authentic Goldminer’s Daughter experience. Sure, we could sit in the dining room with our management team and come up with fancy slogans and copy to tell the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge story, but we think it makes more sense to spend that time listening and hearing what you have to say about the Lodge. Continue reading to learn why Steven Imbesi returns to Goldminer’s each year.

As a lodge at the base of the best ski mountain in the world, we tend to attract a certain type of visitor. Typically, our visitors are die-hard skiers and Alta fanatics. They come to Alta because of what it is, not what it isn’t. Steven Imbesi is one such guest. Steven was introduced to Alta about 20 years ago. His early trips to Little Cottonwood Canyon were to lecture at a medical conference hosted by a colleague at Snowbird. You might say it was love at first sight; he knew he had found the best snow and terrain.

About 10-12 years ago, Steven found himself responsible for booking his own accommodations, and friends introduced him to Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge. Upon further research, he concluded it was the best situation. The other lodges were a little more expensive, and Goldminer’s had everything he needed – the people were nice, the food was incredible, and the convenience was unbeatable. Once he found GMD, he knew he had found his Alta home and began traveling to Alta more regularly. For the last several years, we’ve seen Steven 5-6 weeks a year thanks to our Storm Chaser program. Next year, we expect to see him even more as he pseudo retires from his position as an attending physician of Neuroradiology at UCSD.

Over the years Steven has visited other ski areas, and in his words, “Alta is just so much better. Why would I go anywhere else? It is an hour and a half flight from San Diego, a 35-minute drive, and has everything I need. I’m here to ski. The terrain is the best, the community is open and friendly, and the lodge is like nothing on earth.” Steven can often be found skiing with locals and tends to meet someone new each time he visits.

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When not skiing or working, Steven enjoys traveling to fuel his other outdoor passions including climbing, surfing, cycling, and scuba. We wondered if he’d ever found a lodge similar to GMD while chasing his other passions, but like we’ve heard before there just isn’t anywhere else quite like us in the world. You may say it’s the perfect storm: the snow, the mountain, the lodge, and the community.

We look forward to seeing Steven more around the Lodge next season as he works toward a more well-rounded life following his passions both personally and professionally. You’ve earned it, friend.