Executive Sous Chef Crispin can best be described as a man of few words and a man with lots of passion.

Crispin has been a longtime face at the lodge, first coming to the lodge as the sous chef in 2001. He’s served a few different roles and currently works as our Executive Sous Chef.

Crispin grew up skiing in Maine, and his North Eastern roots run deep to this day. Trained in culinary arts at the Maine Culinary School, he spent many years working seasonal jobs at the Nantucket Yacht Club. After spending some time working at clubs and resorts in Florida, he was drawn to Alta, Utah after visiting his sister who was working at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge. During his visit, Crispin realized he and the Lodge had similar culinary interests, and it just so happened there was an open job that suited his skills. Currently, Crispin spends winters in Alta, and summers as the beach club chef at the Misquamcut Club in Rhode Island.

Crispin’s diverse geographic career has allowed him to keep his finger on the pulse of the latest, greatest culinary practices. His expansive experience at resorts and clubs across the country positions him well to speak to what it’s like to spend time at Goldminer’s both from an employee and guest perspective.

He loves the energy of the GMD staff; they ski hard and work hard! That energy creates a positive work experience, and we all know that magic can happen in a positive work environment. When that magic is cuisine we all benefit.

GMD Exec Sous Chef

Professionally, Crispin enjoys the flexibility Ross and Jenn provide Chef Mike and Crispin in the kitchen. Personally, he enjoys meeting interesting guests from across the globe. As a lifelong skier, you can find Crispin on the slopes one to two days a week. Living at the lodge certainly lends itself to convenient access both to the slopes and the job.

Seasonal work certainly has its pros and cons. Crispin enjoys the defined start and finished dates enjoyed by seasonal workers. The month off between seasons doesn’t hurt either. During his “off –times” Crispin enjoys spending time at his home in Maine, which seems to be calling to Crispin more and more these days, as he considers possibly spending at least one season of the year in Maine. Let’s hope that’s a few seasons away.

As always, we asked Crispin what advice he’d give future employees. He carefully considered his experiences and advises they enjoy a small town environment. Liking to ski is pretty important and of course having a personality suitable to living with your co-workers.

Finally, we asked Crispin what he considers the best part of living and working in Alta… “It’s the job,” he quietly decides. “I really like the job.”