Each year, we select a few Goldminer’s visitors and employees to introduce to you. Our goal with these blog posts is to help you get to know the Lodge before you arrive, or if you are a longtime visitor to share the stories of guests you likely know and love.  We hope you enjoy reading the posts.

We recently realized, we have yet to share the story of one of our most famous friends…Toby, one of the few dogs of Alta.

GMD Toby

Toby has been a fixture at the Lodge since 2001 when Jenn found a young puppy running around Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park. After further inquiries, it seemed as no one had seen this little guy with a human. In fact, people had seen him running around the park by himself for a couple of days. Having enough alone time, the cute little guy followed Jenn home. After days of fruitless searching for his owners, his fate was sealed. Toby became Toby and a loyal Goldminer’s Daughter dog. At the time, there was another Lodge dog some of you may remember, Koda. Koda was a small Norwegian Elkhound, and while Toby would soon outgrow her, Koda wore the pants in the Lodge and always kept Toby in check.

Over the last several years, Toby has proved his worth to the Lodge time after time. When he was two he and Ross were out hiking Albion Basin. They rounded a corner and surprised a moose, which immediately charged them. In the chaos, Ross was knocked to the ground and rendered unconscious. He awoke to Toby barking and standing guard over him. The moose was nowhere to be seen –Toby had diverted him away from Ross, then circled back to escort Ross, who had lost his glasses and broken his cheekbone in the fall, safely back to the Lodge.

As if the life of a Lodge dog wasn’t sweet enough, Toby has been lucky enough to travel during the off-season. When he was younger, his favorite activity was running and playing Frisbee on the beach. These days, Toby prefers a quieter lifestyle and can usually be found lounging in front of the lobby fireplace at GMD. It’s a particularly good day if someone brings him a Beggin Strip, his favorite treat (though, he’s not picky – any treat will do).