We often hear our guests comment on how our employees are a differentiator for Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge. We thought why not share their experiences at the Lodge. Who knows, maybe you’ll follow your dreams and spend a season (or a lifetime) as a ski “bum”. Without further adieu, we’d like to introduce you to Hugh.

Growing up in Rhode Island, Hugh spent weekends cultivating his love of skiing at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire. He followed his dad’s footsteps and became a part-time ski instructor as soon as he was old enough; Hugh quickly realized weekends weren’t enough to fulfill his ski bum dreams. A few seasons at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge might just do the trick?

After graduating from St. Lawrence University with a degree in African Studies and Political Studies, Hugh followed his dreams (and his college roommate) to Alta. He had never been to the Lodge or even Alta, but after reading all about Alta and the Lodge he decided it was the perfect place for him. Hugh’s spent the season as a server / bartender in the Top of the Lodge Restaurant, which is the best job at the Lodge according to Hugh, as it gives you all day to ski.

Having never been to Alta before arriving to report to work, Hugh has a unique first-time employee point of view. The biggest surprise was that Alta doesn’t have much of a town (probably one of the reasons we love it so). He agrees, stating that Alta fosters a closer community between co-workers than if you spent time in a ski destination with more of a town. The second biggest surprise was how posh the living situation was. After spending a few summers working in Alaska, he’s used to sharing living quarters with upwards of 20 guys. At the lodge, he shares living quarters with one other guy.

When asked about his favorite part of working at Goldminer’s Daughter he states he loves rolling out of bed and putting his ski boots on. He also likes the people. In general, people are excited about the ski bum culture, and as a recent college graduate should, he values the networking opportunities.

Hugh has a few recommendations for future first-timers:
Bring costumes! There is a lot of dressing up that goes on. GMD takes the cake in dressing up in Alta.

Bring less stuff and more money! You’ll buy a lot of ski gear. Hugh came with no skis and now has five pair. One caveat he adds is not to be fooled into thinking you won’t need your east coast carving skis. You’ll want some powder boards, but don’t underestimate the fun to be had on a sub-100mm waist all-mountain ski.

As the season comes to an end, we couldn’t help but wonder if Hugh will be back year? Yes, unless he’s in Grad School. He’ll probably stick with this job; the ski hours are the best.

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