Each fall, droves of students embark on Salt Lake City with the dual purpose of continuing their education and fueling their passion for winter sports. Alex Mager was once one of those bright-eyed college freshmen at Westminster College from the small hills of Minnesota. After graduating from Westminster with a custom major in marketing and video production, Alex knew it was time to move even closer Alta and fulfill his dream of skiing every day.

For Alex, the decision to apply at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge was a no-brainer. He had used the Lodge as a day skier during his time at Westminster and knew it was one of the most social places for skiers that didn’t live in the canyon. He emailed Charlie, the Lodge HR manager, to find out when positions would open and applied for a job as a server. Alex knew he wanted a position that would allow him to meet and interact with the guests while providing a dynamic daily experience.

His first season at the lodge definitely met his expectations. He loved that every day was different and there was always someone planning something fun. As a recent college graduate, Alex enjoyed being surrounded by people with similar interests, but who had different motivations for following their passions. “Everyone is at the Lodge to ski, but they also have something unique that keeps them going off of the mountain,” he shares.

Alex Mager Backie

For the coming season, Alex will be putting his degree to work creating content for the Lodge as a brand ambassador to help provide a better look at daily experiences on mountain and at the Lodge.

Alex knows Alta will always be a part of his life, and that he will always have a home with the Alta community. In the next few years, he hopes to spend more time creating freelance video work in the outdoor industry.

When not creating content in Alta, Alex spends his time in Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness Area guiding the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Together with a six-person crew, Alex and team guide up to 24 guests down the river, set up camp, prepare meals, and teach river history and wilderness education. Similar to the guests at the Lodge, Alex enjoys getting to know the clients and seeing them transform after six days on the river.

Alex encourages future employees at the Lodge to remember to take a step back and remember where you are. No matter what you are doing if you are doing it every day, it will get old. It is easy for the norm of living in Alta to get a little bit old, especially when the snow isn’t flying, but it is one of the coolest experiences ever. Don’t forget that you’re surrounded by a community of go-getters who create fun for themselves, not wait for it to fall from the sky.