You may think all of our employees are expert skiers who come to Alta because it is Alta. While many of our employees do come for that very reason, we often get a few never-evers who happen to end up in Alta. Typically, they leave us with a lifelong passion for skiing and fond memories of their season(s) in Alta. Nik Searle is one such example of an employee who found himself in Alta despite never skiing a day in his life.

Last summer, Nik’s girlfriend Alex spent the summer working in Wyoming. After telling Nik how much she was enjoying the experience they decided to spend the winter working somewhere together. Lucky for Nik and Alex, Alex’s coworkers were pretty smart people and recommended Alta. Lucky for us; we were able to hire them before any of our neighbors.


Nik and Alex are from the Massachusetts / New Hampshire border. Nik had always wanted to learn to ski, but it just never happened. Having never skied, he had never been to Alta, but after a little research, he figured it was probably as good a place as any to learn how to ski. In late November, the couple drove west for four days. After surviving Nebraska and arriving in the Wasatch, they felt pretty good about their decision.

As you can imagine, winding up the canyon road for the very first time heading to what’s to become your home, your work and your playground for the next four months can be a little intimidating, a little exciting and a little nerve-wracking.

Nik’s original job at the Lodge was with the housekeeping department, which he liked, but an opportunity opened up with the bellhop department, and Nik decided that might be a better fit. Working as a Bellhop offers a different experience each day. You never know what to expect, but he enjoys the guest interaction and the diversity of the experience.

Living where you work can be a little different, but the access is difficult to beat. It’s also nice never having to worry about a commute.

And yes, if you are wondering, Nik has learned to ski. In fact, he’s already progressed to the more advanced terrain on the mountain, and will casually explain that when you get to ski every day you get pretty good pretty fast. Both Nik and Alex have logged more than 70 days this season and feel pretty confident skiing will remain a part of their life.


Our favorite question to ask seasonal employees is where life will take them from here. Nik and Alex will be heading to Wyoming to work in the Grand Tetons this summer, and they will wait to see where things go from there.

One thing is for sure; they’re pretty confident they’ve spoiled themselves as far as skiing goes. It might be tough to go back east after skiing Alta every day for a season.