TJ Monahan’s story at Goldminer’s Daughter spans the stages of his life in an incredibly special way. His partner in the Washington D.C. Police Department, Don Lyddane, first introduced him to GMD and Alta in 1986.

Working as a police officer in D.C. in the late 80s was a bit stressful, so TJ and his partner hopped a plane to Alta to de-stress. He could never have imagined what a special place it would become to him over the next 30 years. As we’ve heard before, TJ was blown away at the genuine hospitality of Jim and Elfriede and has since stayed at Goldminer’s exclusively for the last 30 years.

At one time, 15-20 police officers, FBI and DEA would descend upon Alta together and enjoy their time while taking a break from the daily stresses of their lives.

TJ credits his introduction to really skiing Alta to Goldminer’s employees. After years and years of staying at the lodge, he finally received an invite to hit the slopes with employee Dave Wade. Of course, he fell in love with the terrain off the beaten path. It was during this time that TJ would jump on whatever flight he could for around $200 to get his fix. He’d come out 3-4 times a season sometimes solo or sometimes with 3-4 guys.

TJ loved his experiences at the lodge so much; he moved to Alta and worked at the lodge as a handyman after retiring from police work in 2000.

As we’ve heard from many Oldtimers / Oldminers, it’s been an incredible transition to Jenn and Ross running the lodge. The original vision is still alive and evident in the day-to-day operations.

TJ’s story doesn’t end there. He proposed to his now wife in Westward Ho on a powder day, with the understanding they would be a skiing family. He now travels to the Lodge each February with his now retired police friends, and in April with his wife and two children Katie and Michael.

From his bachelor days on the Washington D.C. police force to working at the lodge for a season to annual family trips, TJ is an example of a longtime guest and true Oldminer.