Years ago as a college freshman in the Deep South a friend mentioned she was going skiing in Utah over Spring Break. At first, I thought she was mistaken, skiing in Utah? Surely she meant she was going to Colorado, or maybe Lake Tahoe. Wasn’t Utah all red rock and desert? In my defense, this exchange was pre-2002 Olympics. I’ve since learned that my college friend was much smarter than I was as a college freshman.

Skiing in Utah is far superior to anywhere in the US that I’ve skied. Yes, that is a subjective statement, but if you ask many of our longtime guests you’ll hear that sentiment echoed, but I digress. The purpose of this blog isn’t to debate which state has the best skiing. The purpose of this blog is to dispel some myths and shed some light on what you should expect as a first timer to Utah.

1. The airport really is less than an hour away. When I first moved to Utah, I moved from Colorado. A good friend joined me to drive to my new home and flew back to Colorado. We left for the airport about three hours before her plane was scheduled to depart. We arrived at the airport about 2.5 hours before her plane was scheduled to depart. Now that I’m a seasoned Utahn I give myself an hour* to get to the airport. I’m always early. *Weather discretion advised.
2. You CAN get a drink in Utah. In fact, the liquor laws really aren’t difficult to navigate. Wine and spirits must be purchased in a Utah State Liquor Store. You are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in your room. The nearest liquor stores to Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge are located in the Alta Lodge or General Gritts (10 am – 8 pm Monday – Saturday) at Snowbird. We do offer a Lodge Shuttle to transport you to locations within the Alta and Snowbird resorts. You can purchase 3.2% beer at grocery stores and convenient stores. The Goldminer’s Saloon is a beer only establishment. The Top of the Lodge Dining Room sells beer, wine, and spirits. You can also purchase a beer in the Café.
3. The snow really is that much better. It’s science. We’re not going to go into the ins and outs of the effects of the Great Salt Lake, but we have before. You can learn more about the Science of Our Snow here.
4. We are not all Mormons, but you’ll likely find we’re an incredibly hospitable group, which largely, in my opinion, stems from the values of the LDS culture. You probably won’t see any polygamists.
5. Salt Lake City is a really cool and surprisingly progressive city.

We look forward to continuing this 1st timer series with guides introducing you to Alta and Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge. If you are a longtime Utah resident or visitor what surprised you the most about your Utah experience? If you are considering a visit, what other questions do you have? We’d love to help you as you plan your Utah vacation. Feel free to add a comment with any burning questions.