You know that feeling when you want to do something, but you can’t find anyone you want it to do it with? Well, why not go for it? Chances are you’ll find someone doing that same thing, and you may even create lifelong connections; at least that’s what we see happening at the Lodge regularly.

Last January, Renee LaRiviere wanted to go skiing. After spending her childhood skiing in the Pacific Northwest and enjoying a few magical trips to Alta, she went 14 years not skiing. It was time to get back on skis.

There was no question as to where she’d ski. She remembered the Alta snow being fabulous and enjoyed the lack of snowboarders. She had stayed at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge during one of her childhood ski trips and knew the location was unbeatable, so she booked a trip.

Upon arriving at the Lodge, it was just as she remembered. You truly are on the slopes. You have everything you need right at the Lodge, and you get to spend your vacation skiing – from first chair to last chair, daily. She loves the real skier vibe and the fact that everything she needs is right there. We all know how valuable vacation time is! What she didn’t expect were the instant friendships she’d create thanks to the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge Community Table.

Renee quickly realized that while she had traveled to Alta alone, she was creating instant connections with like-minded skiers. Many of her dining companions at the Community Table had, like Renee, chosen to travel alone, but were open to connecting and skiing with new friends. Renee, Rich from Boston, and Elizabeth from New Jersey were fast friends. After skiing together each day and dining together each evening, the trio found they had a similar ability level and truly enjoyed each other’s company. In fact, they have already coordinated and booked a March 2019 trip.

The Community Table’s purpose is to seat guests during dinner service who wish to dine with other guests. You’ll find a healthy mix of new and returning visitors. Many guests tell us it’s a highlight of their stay because they get a chance to meet and share stories with others who love the lodge and the skiing at Alta.

Based on Renee, Rich, and Elizabeth’s experience we’d say the Community Table is doing its job.

If you’d like to dine at the Community Table during your next visit to Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge, let us know at the Front Desk. We look forward to welcoming Renee, Rich, and Elizabeth in March of 2019 and many years to come.