Applications Open July 5, 2023

A Ski-In, Ski-Out Job? YOU BET!

Have You Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like To Work At An Alta Base Lodge? Well, As Most Of Our Staff Will Tell You, It’s Awesome!

The GMD Sits At The Base Of The Collins & Wildcat Chairs, beneath High Rustler

Why? Because it’s beautiful; the air is clean, and after a hearty breakfast taking in the gorgeous view from our deck, you begin your shift. If you ski that’s an added bonus because you’ll have a ski-in ski-out job! On your days off, before, after, or even in-between shifts, you can take a few runs to remind yourself just how lucky you are to be playing in the ‘Greatest Snow on Earth’!

The perks of a Ski-In Ski-Out job

Alta has a rich history but there’s always room for new stories to meld with the old.  If this sounds like a place that speaks to your soul and if you’re someone who has the qualities below then check out our current employment opportunities and apply now!

  • All employees are encouraged to receive COVID-19 vaccinations as well as flu shots since we have a communal living environment.
  • Good work ethic
  • Professional
  • Positive attitude
  • Great customer service
  • Team player


Housing, Transportation, Parking And More…


Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge Is Located Steps Away From The Collins And Wildcat Lifts. Alta Averages Over 500 Inches (12.9 M) Of Snow And Boasts Over 500,000 Visitors Per Year. Working at the GMD is a Ski-In Ski-Out job.


Located 30 Miles (48.3 Km) From Downtown Salt Lake City At An Elevation Of 8,530 Feet (2,600 M), Alta Is A Small Mountain Community That Doesn’t Offer Much In The Form Of Nightlife Or Shopping Options. However, By Car, It’s About 15-20 Minutes To Reach The Nearest Shopping Stores. It Takes About 25-30 Minutes To Reach Downtown Salt Lake City By Car.


  1. GMD is not able to provide onsite, overnight EMPLOYEE PARKING. Employees who bring a car will be required to pay a $250 (subject to change) parking permit up front. You will be required to continually shovel out your car and move it to accommodate plowing as necessary. Additionally, law enforcement will frequently restrict vehicles up or down Little Cottonwood Canyon unless they are equipped with snow tires and chains or 4 WD from November through May. Again, due to the limited space and snow removal issues, the Town of Alta has strict parking regulations, which are enforced often. It’s a lot of work if you choose to bring your car but it does afford our onsite staff with more freedom. Alta Parking
  2. GMD is open for business during the winter (usually from late November through April). Therefore, our seasonal Employment Opportunities have employment dates that run during this time period.
  3. The Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge is located at the base of the Collins and Wildcat lifts of Alta Ski Area. Living here is truly ski-in ski-out. Located 30 miles (48.3 km) from downtown Salt Lake City at an elevation of 8,530 feet (2,600 m), Alta averages over 500 inches (12.9 m) of snow and boasts 500,000 visitors per year.
  4. All applications must be submitted through our CAREER SITE.
  5. If you are chosen as a possible candidate for employment you will be notified via email or phone to set up an initial phone interview.
  6. Employee Housing is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We have 50 employee beds available for our employees.
  7. At GMD we have specific guidelines when it comes to dress and hygiene. Please scroll down to our Grooming Standards before applying!
  8. Our employees receive great Employee Benefits while working at GMD. Check out what benefits you can receive when you join our team.
  9. EMPLOYEE UNIFORMS: Staff who are hired to work in the Dining Room, Saloon/Bar, Café (non-kitchen), Front Desk, Bellhop and Housekeeping are required to bring the following items to complete their staff uniform:
    • Two pairs or more of Khaki colored pants or skirts (skirts must be at least knee length and pants may not be cargo pants)
    • One pair or more of closed toe, in good condition, black or brown shoes (Bellhops should bring a sturdy boot with good tread as they work outside from time to time)
    • One solid colored black or brown belt (belt color must be the same as shoes)
  10. TRANSPORTATION is limited in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Our public transit system is managed by UTA. UTA operates a Ski Bus, which travels the length of Little Cottonwood Canyon from early December through mid-April. The cost of riding this bus is $5.00 one-way. The UTA Ski Bus also services downtown, Murray, Midvale, and Sandy cities. Reaching other areas of the Salt Lake Valley will require transferring buses. To learn more about where UTA operates, prices and schedules please visit Out of state employees who arrive at SLC Airport can utilize Alta Shuttle for transportation to the Lodge.
  11. EMPLOYEES DEPOSITS: If you are hired to work at GMD you should be aware of the following employee deposits that are required:
    • Housing Deposit: If you are being housed at GMD you’re required to pay a $50.00 room deposit as a first season employee. This deposit is refunded to employees as long as their room passes inspection and contains no damages upon checkout.
    • Uniform Deposit: All staff are required to pay a $20.00 uniform deposit for uniforms provided by GMD. This deposit is refunded to employees as long as their entire uniform is returned in good condition at the completion of their work assignment.
    • Ski Pass Deposit: In order to receive an Alta Ski Pass employees are required to pay a $200.00 deposit. This deposit is refunded to employees at the completion of their work assignment. Employees who quit or are terminated do not receive this deposit back.
    • Ski Pass Upgrade: Staff who upgrade their Alta Ski Pass to incorporate Snowbird Resort are required to pay an additional $475.00 (subject to change) which is nonrefundable. Alta is Ski-in Ski-Out, snowbird is not.
    • Employee Deposits are due by the 3rd day of employment.
  12. Employee Meals: Non-Management Staff who live on site are provided 3 meals a day at a cost of $20/ day.
  13. INTERLODGE: When a chance of an avalanche is likely and the Alta Marshal deems the area unsafe, the Town of Alta goes into an interlodge alert. All occupants must go inside a building and stay there until the area is determined to be safe again. This can take hours to days in extreme circumstances.
The patio attached to our cafe is the closest Ski-in Ski-out job possible, with the lifts just a stone's throw away.
Steps From The Collins Lift (Pictured In Background), Working At The GMD Is Truly A Ski-In Ski-Out Job


GMD Is A Lodge That Accommodates Families And Therefore, Our Employees Are Required To Maintain A Neat, Clean Cut, And Conservative Appearance. All Employees Are Required To Wear Their GMD Uniform While On-Duty. In Addition, Proper Personal Hygiene Is Required For All Employees While On-Duty.

Additional Appearance Standards Include:

  1. No damaged, soiled or worn-out clothing is allowed.
  2. Pants must be in good condition and therefore not faded, tight, frayed, un-hemmed, or include any patches.
  3. Uniforms must be clean and wrinkle-free. If your uniform is damaged it must be replaced or repaired.
  4. Uniforms provided by GMD are not to be worn when off duty, off the premises, while skiing or drinking.
  5. Nametags are to be worn on the upper right chest at all times while on duty.
  6. All uniform hats are to be worn with the bill facing the front and may not be turned to the side or up.

Grooming Standards

Exceptional personal hygiene is required for all employees. Any employee who does not appear neat and clean will be sent home until they meet proper hygiene standards.

Hair including Facial Hair:

  1. Your hair and hairstyle must be neat, clean and tidy at all times and must not interfere with your job duties.
  2. Excessively spiked, unnaturally colored or excessive hairstyles are not acceptable.
  3. Beards, mustaches and any other facial hair must be established prior to beginning work. If facial hair is established upon starting it must be no longer than 1/2 inch in length, neatly trimmed and maintained.


  1. GMD has the right to restrict visible tattoos as they may have a negative effect on our public image.


  1. Jewelry must be worn in moderation and good taste.
  2. Earrings must not exceed the size of a dime and gages larger than a dime must be filled with a skin colored plug while on duty.
  3. Nose piercings are permitted but must be small and cannot be a ring, barbell or other design.
  4. All other facial jewelry or visible body piercings (eye area, mouth, nose, tongue, etc.) is not permitted while on duty. In addition, covering these with a bandage or tape is not permitted.


  1. Goldminer’s Daughter is a Smoke-Free Workplace. Smoking is prohibited within 50 feet of any entrance, exit, or operable window. Employees are not permitted to smoke while in their uniform, including any form of vaping, nor is chewing tobacco allowed while on duty.


Your Ski-In Ski-Out Job Is Just The Beginning Of Why You’ll Love Working At Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge.

When You’re Not Working…
  1. Ski pass to Alta Ski Area for employees ($200.00 deposit required)
    • Seasonal full-time employees must complete their original work agreement as agreed upon with Human Resources;
    • Seasonal full-time employees will only be eligible if they start work in November – February 14th and end employment in April.
  2. Able to upgrade your Alta Ski Pass to include Snowbird Resort for only $475.00 (subject to change)
  3. Discounted Snowbird Resort day passes if you hold an Alta Ski Pass
  4. Discounted lodging rate for family and friends
  5. Alta Ski passes allow you to ride the UTA Ski Bus for free
  6. Discounted on-site Spa services (massages)
  7. Onsite gym, hot tub, and sauna (Employees must defer when guests are utilizing these facilities)
  8. Discounts for onsite gear rental, tune-ups, and clothing at Mother Lode Ski Shop
  9. Ski-in ski-out job at Alta Ski Area
  10. Employee meal package included
  11. Direct Deposit
GMD Class Of 2019-2020


Furnished, Hotel-Type Rooms. Our Staff Housing Is Primarily “Shared Accommodations” With Two Or Three Employees Per Room. Most Staff Rooms Have Two Double Sized Beds Or Twin Bunks With One Double Sized Bed, Dresser, Private Bathroom, Cable TV And Wireless Internet.

Additional staff accommodation information:

  • Employees must supply their own bedding (pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets) and bathroom towels.
  • GMD has the following supplies available at the Front Desk for housed employees: toilet paper, light bulbs and cleaning supplies.
  • Items that are NOT ALLOWED in staff housing include firearms, pets, space heaters, electric blankets, incense, candles, hot plates, microwaves, refrigerators, and subwoofers.
  • Employees must adhere to GMDs communal rooming standards, including no pets allowed in staff housing at any time, all rooms are non-smoking and Drug Free. GMD Management staff reserves the right to enter staff rooms during the season to perform inspections, availability checks, and safety-related maintenance.
  • To replace lost or damaged keys employees will be charged a five-dollar ($5.00) replacement fee.
  • Employees must adhere to Lodge quiet hours which falls between 10:00PM – 8:00 AM.
  • Possession of firearms of any kind is prohibited.
  • Possession of illegal drugs is prohibited.

Employees may not host a guest in their room at any time for the 2020/21 ski season.

If You Want To Live & Work A Ski-In Ski-Out Job And Be Part Of A Vibrant, Energetic, Mountain Community, Employment At The Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge Is Perfect For You!

On The Way To Work…