As a kid, during family trips to Utah, Michael Feren’s parents would often disappear to Alta to ski powder for the day. Michael was raised with the understanding that Alta is where you earn your ski stripes. When he became a father himself, he decided he would introduce his kids to skiing and let them find their passion for the sport before introducing them to Alta. When the time was right, he told them they were going skiing but didn’t tell them where. They figured it out once they pulled in front of the Lodge in the Alta Shuttle.

The Feren family has skied across the world, but they continuously find themselves returning to Alta and Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge because it is home and the people are family.

For the Feren family, skiing Alta is about more than the ski area. Finding Goldminer’s has been like finding home. Goldminer’s provides an unmatched sense of comfort, is a place where everyone can be themselves, and everyone fits in. They feel an unspoken connection that connects everyone at the Lodge and a sense of inclusivity that makes guests feel welcome both inside the lodge and on the mountain.

At its core, Goldminer’s provides guests with a place for sleeping and meals, but it is so much more. Goldminer’s provides friendly, smiling faces year after year. The Lodge provides a home for like-minded skiers who are just as passionate about skiing as the Ferens. Goldminer’s provides a place where skiers find a sense of belonging and one another. Goldminer’s has provided a place for the Ferens to be a ski family year after year.

We’ve loved watching the Feren kids earn their ski stripes in Alta the last several years. We can’t tell you how impressive it has been to see the kids ski powder deeper than they are tall.

Is your family ready to earn their ski stripes? We’d love to welcome you into our ski family.