Here in the Salt Lake area, the Ken Garff car dealerships have a pretty darn clever media campaign going on.

Yes We Listen


As you can see, this company takes pride in hearing what the customer has to say.

Yes, We Listen


And, we appreciate their point because we believe that what our guests have to say about our business is one of the biggest treasure troves of information available to us. All ski season long we collect survey data from our guests about their stay. You might say we’re all ears like this gentleman from the Ken Garff collection.

GMD All Ears

What happens when we “hear you?” Lots of great things such as:

We make adjustments in our beer selection.

GMD New Beer Menu

New Beer Menu


We purchase and install flat-screen T.V.’s for our guest rooms.

GMD Improvements

Flat Screen T.V.’s

We “freshen” up the place with a new coat of paint.

GMD Improvements

New Paint in our Guest Rooms

This coming season when our returning guests come in for their annual ski trips, we intend to put a twinkle in their eye. We asked them how we could serve them better. They responded, and we didn’t just listen… we did something about it!

P.S. For those of you, who are returning as guests or soon will be our new guest, be sure to fill out our survey forms. This is our main means of staying in touch with your valuable suggestions and comments

GMD Improvements                                 GMD Improvements


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