The climate in Alta is likely a little different than the climate in your hometown. For starters, Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge is situated at the base of Alta Ski Area 8,500 feet above sea level. Our elevation combined with Utah’s arid climate results in the need to increase your water consumption to avoid potential complications with the altitude, as well as possible dehydration from the dry climate and the exertion you may experience from skiing. In short, it is really important to drink plenty of water.

You may be inclined to pick up a case of your preferred bottled water as you head up the Canyon, but we encourage you to consider the environment. As you know, water is an incredibly precious resource, and at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge we try do all we can to protect all of our natural resources. For a few years we’ve been thinking about our guests’ water usage and how we can help to educate you on the water in Alta compared to bottled water.

Did you know there are over 100 miles of mine tunnels in the mountains above Alta that help supply the Alta ground water needs? The Town of Alta manages a 350,000 gallon water reservoir and pumps our drinking water from a 300’ vertical shaft to the reservoir. You know those commercials you see touting bottled water from alpine environments…it is somewhat like that. You can learn more about the town of Alta water system on their website and through the recent Water Quality Reports prepared by the Alta Water Department staff. It’s fascinating work for a town of our size. In fact, we gathered the majority of the content on Alta’s drinking water for this post from their recent report.

An excerpt from the 2014 water report specifically states that tap water in Alta is perfectly fine for consumption. All sources of drinking water both in Alta and elsewhere in the country (including bottled water facilities) are subject to potential contamination by constituents that are naturally occurring or manmade. All drinking water, including bottled water, may include at least small amounts of some contaminants.

The Town of Alta and Little Cottonwood Canyon serve as a major water resource to the Salt Lake Valley, which is the reason dogs are restricted in Little Cottonwood Canyon. As we consider the significance of this, it magnifies the need for Alta residents and visitors to remain responsible stewards of the watershed.

The Town of Alta works around the clock to ensure we have safe drinking water. They have secure processes in place to ensure one of our most precious resources is managed responsibly.Alta Drinking Water

We encourage you to consider bringing a reusable water container from home and giving our tap water a try! If you forget yours, we have Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge branded Nalgene bottles available online or at the Front Desk.


Next time you stop to pick up a bottle of water, consider that it takes three times as much water to produce that bottle than it does to fill it. We are fortunate to be in a country that provides safe drinking water through the tap…let’s drink it in Alta and at home.