Discover Alta

You can’t have a conversation about Utah’s storied ski history without talking about Alta. It would be like trying to talk about New York without the Statue of Liberty or California without Hollywood. Originally a mining town-which is where the name Goldminer’s Daughter came from-Alta began the evolution into the skier’s paradise we now know when the first iconic Collins lift was constructed in 1938. Over the years, Alta has been the proving ground for many professional skiers and has become a staple in the skiing world.

Alta Community Enrichment

The mission of Alta Community Enrichment is “To create a strong community by bringing people who live, work and play in Little Cottonwood together to share the arts, culture, and education” and we think that’s pretty fantastic. The Alta Community Enrichment works hard to put on both free and paid events all year long. Their events range from yoga and art classes to chili cook-offs and galas. You can find a calendar of events here.

Alta Historical Society

Alta recently celebrated its 80th ski season and the Alta Historical Society works tirelessly to preserve this rich and unique history by collecting photos, artifacts, film footage, and documents. The Alta Historical Society is a valuable resource that offers visitors a rare glimpse into Alta’s mining history and subsequent transition into installing one of the first ski lifts in the U.S. Learn more about all that this group does for the town of Alta here.

Church Services

Our Lady of the Snows is the only church in the town of Alta, and Catholic Mass is held at 5:00 pm on Sunday evenings throughout the winter ski season. In addition, various interfaith services are held on selected Saturdays throughout the season. All are welcome.

This building serves dual purpose for the community as a location for many Alta Community Enrichment (ACE) events.