John and Veronica’s January 2016 visit will always be remembered fondly as the location where they were engaged to be married.

We’ve told you enough guest stories by now that you may have noticed; we have a pretty close relationship with our guests. It is relatively common for our guests to visit year after year often multiple times each year. We are honored any time they choose to spend their vacations with us. Sometimes we get to share special moments with guests, and well, it means a lot when one of you wishes to celebrate a life defining moment at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge.

John Kashani’s recent engagement to fiancé Veronica is one of these occasions. John has been visiting the lodge since 2004. His first trip to Alta he stayed at one of our neighbor lodges, but after finding Goldminer’s he realized he had found home. At the time, John lived in Arizona and was able to visit 40+ days a season.

These days, John resides in New Jersey, so while his visits may be a little more limited that doesn’t mean they are any less special. John and Veronica’s January 2016 visit will always be remembered fondly. A few weeks before their arrival, John called Liz and filled her in on his plan to propose during their upcoming vacation. He asked if he could mail 200 glow sticks to the Lodge and if Liz and friends could help prepare the moment. Of course, Liz was happy to help.

Upon arrival, Liz casually mentioned that their room wasn’t quite ready (wink wink). John and Veronica dropped their luggage at the Front Desk allowing Liz to sneak in John’s carry-on where he had hidden the ring during the flight from New Jersey and safely secure the ring in the Lodge safe.

The first night of their stay, John and Veronica had a seat near the windows during dinner. There just so happened to be a torchlight parade and fireworks in honor of a longtime ski patroller.

The following evening, John arranged for the couple to be seated further away from the windows. He couldn’t risk Veronica sneaking a peek at what was happening below the windows. Remember the glow sticks we told you about earlier? Well, Liz and friends snuck out below the Top of the Lodge Restaurant windows and arranged the glow sticks to say a few special words, “Will You Marry Me?”

John Kashani

PC: Brent Leyerle

After a quick trip to the men’s room, which was a disguise to run downstairs and grab the ring, John casually asked Veronica if she’d like to take a look at the window to see if they were having fireworks again. Veronica looked up at Alf’s where the torchlight parade was the previous night and John casually asked her to read what was written on the snow. John got down on one knee as Veronica read the words, will you marry me. Vernoica said yes! We wish them both a lifetime of happiness, hopefully with many more happy moments at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge.

Both Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge and Alta have always been a special place to John. He couldn’t think of a more special place to propose.

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