With so many multi-resort season passes available these days,  from the Epic Pass to the Ikon to the Mountain Collective to the Rocky Mountain Super Pass to the Max Pass, have you ever wondered which option is the best for you? The choices seem so overwhelming that sometimes it feels easier to just purchase your local area’s season pass and call it done. Being a lodge here at Alta Ski Resort we’d of course prefer everyone to purchase an Alta Season Pass and just ski here for most of the season and perhaps even a Snowbird upgrade for some extra ski terrain. But for our guests who live out of state and hold full-time jobs and can’t make it up here every weekend, we realize the Alta Season Pass doesn’t always make sense. Just know there’re other options available and we’d like to help break them down for you.

As for season passes there’re only three options available here at Alta/Snowbird. Either the Alta Season Pass, the Ikon Pass, or the Mountain Collective Pass. So I’ll leave out the rest and concentrate on these three.

For those of you who come here five or six times a season and belong to our exclusive Storm Chaser’s Club and don’t really ski anywhere else, then the Alta Season Pass makes the most sense. This year’s Alta 2019-20 Regular Season Pass is priced at $1099. It doesn’t come with any blackout dates and if you ski more than 6 days you’ll have already paid your pass off. Plus Alta offers discounts for mid-week skiers, military personnel, medical residents, seniors, and the 25 & under crowd. 

For those of you who come to Alta only once or twice a season and also like to ski elsewhere, then you might want to consider the Ikon Pass ($1049). It doesn’t come with any blackout dates and you’ll have unlimited access to 14 different Alterra-owned mountains and 7 days at other participating resorts, including Alta and Snowbird. If you want something cheaper, there’s the Ikon Base Pass ($749), which does include black-out dates, usually the major holidays, and only offers 5 days at Alta/Snowbird. 

For those of you who have children and also like to vary your trips to different resorts, then the Mountain Collective Pass ($469) is another option for you. It gives you 2 free days at Alta and Snowbird and a 50% discount for any additional days. It doesn’t have any blackout dates and if you’re proactive enough to purchase it every spring you usually receive an extra free day at the resort of your choice. 

So which season pass is the best option for you? We wish we could make things easier and make the right decision for you. It still depends on where you live and which other resorts you like to ski at and how often you come to Alta. But if I was planning a ski vacation and I was considering (wink-wink nudge-nudge) staying at the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge for the first time, it’d probably help to know that we only offer a 10% mid-week and a 5% weekend lodging discount for Mountain Collective pass holders but NOT for Ikon Pass holders. Savings which do add up when it’s time to make your credit card payments.

But that’s just my personal opinion…