“You walk in, and it’s just homey. There is no pretension. No judgment. There is a vibe that everyone wants to be there.”

We’ve been sharing stories from Lodge guests for the last several years, and it is quotes like the quote above that reinforces that these stories tell the authentic Goldminer’s Daughter experience. Sure, we could sit in the dining room with our management team and come up with some fancy slogans and copy to tell the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge story, but we think it makes more sense to spend that time listening and hearing what you have to say about the Lodge. Continue reading to learn how we stole the heart of Mr. Walt Brown.


Walt lives on the East Coast, but his business requires that he travel back and forth to the West Coast regularly. You won’t hear him complain about all the airtime, as flying back and forth to meet with clients presents Walt with the perfect opportunity to stop in Utah for a day or two before continuing to his business obligations. He takes advantage of the distance on the return flight as well.

Like we’ve heard a time or two, initially Walt skied Park City, but one year he happened to call his regular Park City hotel during Sundance. They were booked. The Park City hotel recommended he try Alta, so he called Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge.

The second he walked through the Lodge doors, he knew he was home. There were skiers shoving gear in their bags, a dog greeted him, and Jonathan smiled a real smile. This was five or six years ago, and he hasn’t been anywhere else since.

Walt is a guest who doesn’t like to keep a good thing a secret. As a leadership coach, Walt coaches teams of closely held American companies. Together with a colleague from Dallas, he hosts an annual networking event called “wAlta at Alta.” Last year, wAlta had close to 20 people attend. The group enjoys skiing, meals, a few drinks and discussion on what is going on in the business world.


When not hosting wAlta, Walt enjoys dining at the Community Table and racking up the vertical feet on the mountain.

As always, we asked Walt why Alta was his mountain of choice? In his words, “it starts with the mountain, there aren’t any snowboarders screwing up the powder or the moguls. I’m sick of the pretense of the Vails of things – Vail-hala. Alta is what skiing is supposed to be like. It is supposed to be family, affordable, a joy. When I believe in something, I support it. I buy a season pass every year. You can go in and be as involved as you want to be or you can be as private as you want to be. “

If you see Walt, aka “Jolt Man” skiing around flag him down and take a few laps with him. We’re sure you’ll enjoy talking with him as much as we do.