A Guest Perspective  – Bettina from Florida

Lyn Christian works with us at the Lodge as a Business Coach. In this position she has a unique vantage point by which to pick the brains of the most valuable asset the we have – our raving 1% fans. Lyn took some time this summer to interview some of the frequent guests at the lodge with two goals in mind:

  1. Listen in on the comments these guests offer up in order to highlight and solidify their connection with the Lodge and future experiences into business strategies for up-coming seasons.
  2. Allow Jenn, Ross and their employees a chance to see how much the quaint and unique features of their lodge affect the guests. Maybe by so doing they can better understand the role they play in the lives of those who share in the Alta experience.

If you are a guest at Alta already, or contemplating being one, Bettina from Florida tells how her family has fallen in love with the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge.

Many people consider Goldminer’s the gem of Alta. To Bettina and her family the access, convenience and service of Alta and Goldminer’s is the best of the best, all of your needs are met. In fact, it is almost like family; they’ve watched her daughter grow up and it’s ok to walk around in your pajamas!


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