Introducing Yuri: An Almost Resident

We’ve told you before how much we value our guests; all of you both repeat guests and new visitors hold a special place in our hearts. Over the years, we have had the chance to form special relationships with several of our long-time repeat visitors, and we are excited to feature some of you on our blog and introduce you to our readers. If you are interested in being featured please let us know!

We’ve broken down what sets us apart, “According to Yuri” one of our almost residents.

After spending almost a decade skiing exclusively at Alta and staying at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge an average of 50-55 days a season we can safely assume Yuri has a good feel for the Lodge. “According to Yuri”, the Lodge isn’t a hotel, but almost a second home.

  • Atmosphere: The atmosphere of a hotel is one of those things that happens organically. Sure, we have an idea of how we want the Lodge to feel, but ultimately it is the result of several things coming together just right. According to Yuri, the atmosphere at the Lodge is one of the main reasons he returns year after year after year; it just feels right.
  • Family: How often do you think of the community when choosing a hotel? It’s typically not a factor, until it is. Have you ever thought of the guests and / or employees at a hotel as your extended family? It’s one of those hard to explain situations that occur at the Lodge. According to Yuri, you just feel like yourself at the lodge. You feel at home.
  • Home at the Lodge: Goldminer’s is home to both lodge owners and employees; the feeling of home shows throughout the Lodge. According to Yuri you can feel that in a comfortable, welcoming manner.
  • The Guests: According to Yuri, the Lodge attracts characters, and these characters are there to ski. We like to say you come to the Lodge to ski, eat, sleep, repeat; Yuri agrees.

When asked what has changed at the Lodge, Yuri shares the following… Years ago, I could call in the morning and book my room for that night. Now, reservations are more important than they were 10 years ago.

One final tip from Yuri, “For a few years I thought I’d stay in Salt Lake City and try some of the other resorts, since there are so many.  Then I realized than 9 out of every 10 lift tickets were to Alta. Once I had that realization, I checked into the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge and haven’t looked back.”

Are you a Goldminer’s character? It’s a feeling.

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