We’ve told you before how important guest satisfaction is to us at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge. Over the years, we’ve come to realize that while the facilities and the food are critical to our success, they may not be the most important pieces of the equation. We happen to think it is the employees that make Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge a place you’ll want to return to again and again. We take great care in our recruitment and hiring efforts because we know how important the faces of the lodge are to overall guest satisfaction. We asked HR Manager Charlie Giacoletto to give us some insight into what he’s looking for as he tackles this critical responsibility at the Lodge.

Returning Employees: GMD is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and lasting relationships. We understand that our employees and their knowledge are what drive our results, offering a quality experience to our guests. We strive to provide a fulfilling environment for employees that allows them to feel a sense of connection to Alta. Through this connection, our team develops lasting relationships with our guests, year after year.

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Throughout the winter, we talk with employees about their interest in returning for the following season.

In April, we launch our returning employee communications plan encouraging employees to re-apply for the upcoming winter.

  • We send current employees an email with instructions on how to re-apply.
  • Flyers are placed in the employee workstations and on the bulletin boards on the employee floors.
  • The career page on our Website becomes open for applications.

GMD encourages returning employees to specify the department(s) they want to work. We look forward to hearing from employees about how opportunities at the lodge can help as they grow and develop their careers. At the end of June, we place returning employees into the department(s) that are the best fit.

New Applicants: Throughout the year there are positions posted on our employment page. Open positions are opened up and most fervently pushed to job boards like INDEED.COM, COOLWORKS and of course CRAIGSLIST from the middle of June all the way through December.

  • We look for applicants who have a proven record of working together as a team and able to foster a sense of community.
  • We seek employees who love Alta and the experience of working in such a beautiful setting (Alta rules!).
  • Skiers and non-skiers are welcome! Anyone with an upbeat personality is encouraged to apply.

What to Expect: In advance of arrival all employees receive a packet of helpful information about Alta, vehicle restrictions, what supplies to bring, how to get here from the airport, dress-code and more.

When new employees show up to Alta, we schedule a tour of the town with one of our managers like Trainer Mahon, so employees can learn where to buy supplies, where the post office is, some town history and where to find the local hangouts.

In December we have employee orientation. We invite the Town Marshal, Alta Lift Co. officials, Utah Department of Transportation, Alta Ski Patrol and others to cover mountain safety and to inform employees how we can all work as a community to deliver an excellent experience for guests and employees alike.


We have such a great time learning about employees and their adventures here at Alta.

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