Many wise men and women have spoken of change over the years and for good reason. Change is constant. Change is invigorating. Change is happening at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge.

This year’s change at the Lodge includes us welcoming a few new faces to our upper management team. We’ve been working with these new guys for the last several weeks and months, and we kind of like them. We think you will too, but before you arrive at the Lodge we wanted to introduce you. Change is better if you know about it!

Zack Colman

Zack_2_croppedZack Colman, our new Operations Manager, was born in Tennessee and even spent a short time in Florida. It wasn’t long before the lure of the West pulled Zack (and his parents) to Evergreen, Colorado. As could be expected of a young lad growing up in the foothills of the Colorado mountains it didn’t take long for Zack to fall in love with the mountains, outdoors and winter sports.

Prior to joining us at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge, Zack worked with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association in the Events Department where he travelled to various ski venues across the USA helping with on-hill operations for world-class winter sports competitions. Zack has spent the last nine summers as a whitewater river guide furthering his passions for the outdoor world and environmental ethos imperative to primitive camping. When not working, Zack loves travelling across the world to experience new cultures.

Zack’s role at the lodge will be to work with Jenn and Ross on the day-to-day operational needs of the lodge. We are excited for his input based on the expertise he brings to the table.

Charlie_Coyote_GulchCharlie Giacolletto

Charlie Giacoletto, Human Resources Manager, is a lifelong Utahn. He was born and raised in Helper, Utah the halfway point between Salt Lake City and Moab. Charlie also brings a passion for the outdoors as a lifelong hiker and enjoys sharing this passion with friends and family.

Charlie moved to Salt Lake City in 1999 to study Anthropology at the University of Utah and was fortunate enough to meet his now wife at a dinner party hosted by a professor. In 2001, Charlie’s path took him to Colorado for seasonal work with the Colorado State forest service, but Utah pulled the young couple back to the Salt Lake Valley in 2003, where they have remained. Charlie and his wife have two young sons and enjoy spending their free time fueling the family’s passion for the outdoors.

We think Charlie will bring the perfect balance of father figure and outdoor steward to the Lodge. He’s been busy getting the Lodge staffed up for the upcoming season over the last few months.

David Beard


David Beard is no stranger to the lodge and certainly no stranger to skiing Alta. David has worked with our food and beverage team for the last six seasons. He’s spent summers working as a painter in Park City and is excited to transition to the position of Maintenance and Bellhop manager. This summer, David has been working hand in hand with Ross making sure everything is in tip-top shape for your return.

David and his longtime partner Nicole have lived in Salt Lake City since 2009 and have a passion for skiing and a passion for Alta that rivals many of you. For the last four seasons, David has missed less than a week of skiing each year, logging 150 ski days a season for a total of more than 800 days in the last six seasons stating, “I love it up here, the people, the town, the resort, the mountains, and of course Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge.” Well David, we love you too and hope we don’t interfere with those ski days too much.

David will be seen across the Lodge over the course of the winter. His team will greet you as you arrive and wish you well as you depart.


Liz Page

Liz Page

Liz Page is another not so new face at the Lodge, who has recently been promoted to Front Desk Manager. Liz has been working alongside Jonathan at the Front Desk since 2005. We feel so fortunate to have Liz so well suited to lead the Front Desk staff this season.

When not staffing the Front Desk, Liz is one of our most passionate skiers! We’re not sure if she’ll share any secret stashes with you, but if they are out there Liz knows where to find them.

You’ll likely hear Liz’s voice over the phone when you call to make your reservation or see her as you arrive at the Lodge.