This past July our temperatures were incredibly high (over 100 degrees) in the Salt Lake Valley, even in the shade one was belted with the heat. It was odd to think that less than sixty days early I was standing in a snowstorm at Alta.

Most Utah skiers are familiar with the very spot I stood. You know where the pavement curves off to the right and down toward the entrance of the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge? You see, I had a meeting up at the lodge with the staff and was admiring the greenery sprouting up where the snow pack was quickly receding. That was short lived; two hours later I was engulfed in snow. Take a look for yourself:

Now I realize I’m making a big deal about snow while the hottest days of the year are still lingering. As you know, we have some of the world’s greatest snow for skiing here in Utah. I’ve looked into some of the reasons why Utah snow is just so great, and I thought that since I have the time right now (given that I don’t have to shovel it off my driveway) I could share some of my research:

According to Ski Utah, we have great snow because we get a lot of light, dry snow spread over numerous snow days. Some of these snow days actually drop a huge amount of snow in a short amount of time, which is even better! This combination provides a balance between flotation and face-shots.

There’s another reason why our snow is exceptional, and it is somewhat scientific. Many of our storms originate in the Pacific and are full of moisture. These storms then pass through the coastal mountains and drop much of their precipitation. Next, the storms proceed over the desert and drain a lot of the moisture out of the storm, so by the time the Wasatch Range gets hit by the storm system the result is the dry, powdery snow you love to ski in.  Check out the entire article here:

When the weather begins to cool again in the fall you may want to use this link from Ski Utah to monitor the snowfall. It reports every single inch of the white stuff at the 14 Utah ski resorts.


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